The Atlanta Football Classic


This years Atlanta Football Classic held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta definitely lived up to its reputation this year. Not only did the game reflect the rivalry between the schools, but all of the events associated with the game did as well.

The Parking Lot Pavillion had sponsored products and events from giants like AT&T, Coke Zero, and Delta Airlines, to local radio stations and craft tables. Thanks to AT&T was able to extend this exciting opportunity to Dekalb School of the Arts 8th Grade Media Student Medina Davis.


We started the day in the Pavillion trying the different events hosted by the event sponsors. The AT&T tent featured great tech areas for checking out New Product, playing video games, and a strange game where you had to see how dangerous texting and driving are. It also featured a meet and greet with Keisha Knight Pulliam.


The generational gap was made    particularly clear because to me Ms.  Pulliam is Lil Rudy Huxtable, while to  an 8th Grader, she is “the crack head  Candy” from the Tyler Perry movie  Madea goes to jail.

Other notable areas were the Coke  Zero, Coors, and Army areas where  the winners of different activities  would receive tickets for the game.





After leaving the parking lot  festivities, and entering the Dome, we  came upon a day party hosted by  Atlanta Radio Station V-103’s Big    Tigger. Among the Celebrities in    attendance were Big Tigger, Jacob  Latimore, and Candace “Dice” Dixon  from La La’s full court press.





Of course all of this is great but that wasn’t the main reason anyone was there, it was the game right??? WRONG… Everyone knows these events are about the bands. At halftime of the scheduled main event, came the REAL main event, 2013 AT&T Atlanta Football Classic Battle of the Bands. You could feel the air get thick as the South Carolina State Bulldogs took the Field. This year was even more interactive with AT&T giving fans a chance to tweet which songs the band would play using their interactive website “The Bridge”. By the time the Aggies of North Carolina left the field, the fans barely had enough left for a second half of football.


The Bulldogs came out with the days victories, not only defeating North Carolina A&T in the Battle of the Bands, but in the Football game as well. Thanks again to AT&T for the event and the invitation, and The Dekalb School of the Arts Medina Davis for their contributions as well.

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