AT&T Wants To Give You $450

An employee inspects U.S. dollar bills before changing it to Philippine Pesos inside a money changer in Manila

AT&T is aggressively taking aim at its smaller challenger T-Mobile: Beginning Friday, T-Mobile customers can switch to AT&T and receive up to $450 toward a new phone and cell plan.

T-Mobile customers can trade in their phones for up to $250 in credit for an AT&T phone and be eligible for $200 toward a new plan, the company said in an announcement Friday.

The move escalates an ongoing battle between carrier giant AT&T and T-Mobile, the fourth-largest, which is expected to launch a similar plan that covers penalty fees for breaking long-term contracts, according to the Washington Post. T-Mobile has already offered monthly plans without a contract, phone upgrades twice a year, and no roaming charges to lure customers away from its larger competitors.


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