U.S. Gas Prices Have Gone Up $4 Per Tank in The Last 6 Weeks


A new survey by industry analyst Trilby Lundberg finds the average price of gas is up 26 cents across the U.S. over the last six weeks—five cents just in the last two weeks—representing a nearly $4 bump on the typical tank

Regular gasoline rose five cents per gallon on average in the U.S. over the past two weeks to reach a price of $3.56.

A survey released Sunday by industry analyst Trilby Lundberg reveals prices have risen 26 cents per gallon over the past six weeks, representing a $4 bump on a typical gas tank.

Midgrade costs $3.74 per gallon on average with premium gas at $3.89 and diesel at $4.02.

Within the contiguous U.S., Los Angeles has the highest average price at $4 per gallon, while Billings, Mont., comes in lowest at $3.18.

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