Not Funded

Afterdark: When Heroes Become Legends
Developer:  Napalm Studios
Fundraising Goal: $110,000
Funds Due By: N/A


Afterdark is a beat-em-up game set in a world of gothic horror. The game aims to resurrect the classic beat-em-up style of gaming. Afterdark showcases epic battles against evil with a progressing list of objectives lined with a developing narrative.

Developer: Greenwood Games
Fundraising Goal: $25,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Greenwood Games hopes to take immersion to new levels in Alone, an innovative horror game for the Oculus Rift. With the headset on, players will find themselves on a couch facing a TV in a seemingly ordinary house at night. A PC-enabled controller is used to play The Witching Hour, a game-within-the-game, on the TV, while the VR headset lets players look around the room. As players progress through The Witching Hour, strange things begin to happen in the house. To get a better sense of just how unsettling an experience Alone delivers, see our previous coverage of the game which includes a video demonstration of the game by the VR Brotherhood’s Tyler Hodder.

A prototype of Alone is available for download on Greenwood Games’ website, and requires an Oculus Rift, headphones, and an Xbox Gamepad to play.

Alpha Colony: A Tribute to M.U.L.E.
Developer: DreamQuest Games
Fundraising Goal: $500,000
Funds Due By: N/A

DreamQuest has the license to M.U.L.E, an extremely influential PC game from the 1980s, and intends to make not only a faithful remake of the original game, but also a tribute to it. Alpha Colony is that tribute game, and combines gameplay mechanics from M.U.L.E. and Settlers of Catan.

Developer: Micah Orsie
Fundraising Goal: $10,000
Funds Due By: N/A

In this point-and-click adventure, Alum must find a cure for a mysterious plague causing loved ones to feel hopeless inside. With puzzles to solve and a deep story to unveil, Alum is aimed at those looking for a simple adventure game with a nostalgic feel. Alum will be exclusively available via digital download for PC.

Ars Magica
Developer: Black Chicken Studios
Fundraising Goal: $290,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Playing as a mage bounded to the Order of Hermes, it’s your job to protect the people around you throughout the seasons, beginning in the spring. If you can survive a century until the last brutal winter, your followers will be the most advanced settlement under your watch.

Ashen Rift
Developer: Barry Collins
Fundraising Goal: $45,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Inspired by old-school shooters like Quake and the scenic adventures of games like Dear Esther and Journey, lone developer Barry Collins is looking to craft a moody, post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his dog. Together the two characters will travel across the remains of the central United States to shut down the “Rift”, the mysterious source of the deformed creatures that now roam the countryside. With limited ammo, players can use the environment to defeat enemies or sneak past them entirely. Collins has worked on the game by himself for the past five months, and is looking for funding to improve the game and outsource some aspects of development such as music, sound effects, and voice-overs. If the Kickstarter is successful, Collins is planning to launch the game on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Bad Dudes 2
Developer: Pinstripe Games
Fundraising Goal: $80,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Bad Dudes 2 is the sequel to Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja, the cult beat-’em-up arcade game from 1988. The sequel intends to be fully licensed, and the plot will once again revolve around Blade and Striker rescuing the president.

Bad Planet
Developer: Red Fly Studio
Fundraising Goal: $575,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Bad Planet is based on the 2005 comic book with the same name. The game will be released episodically, and players will play as the Convict, an alien trying to save Earth from befalling the same fate as his home planet – utter destruction at the hands of creepy spider aliens. Combat will be third-person, over-the-shoulder, and gory.

Beyond Flesh And Blood
Developer: Pixelbomb Games
Fundraising Goal: £30,000
Funds Due By: N/A

The first major project from indie developer Pixelbomb Games, Beyond Flesh And Blood is a third-person action/shooter driven by a strong story with horror themes. By the year 2260, most of Earth has been contaminated by nuclear fallout. The bulk of humanity has relocated to an orbital habitat, but a handful of people remain planet-side. Tensions between these groups are high when a new threat endangers all of mankind. BF&B puts players in control of the Tactical Combat Frame (read: mech) for combat, exploration, puzzle solving, hacking, and more. The TCF appears somewhat larger than the cargo loader from Aliens, but is far more agile. The game’s campaign page has more detailed information, as well as footage from a combat test, mission, and more. Beyond Flesh and Blood is planned for PC and Xbox Live. Pixelbomb also plans on bringing the game to more platforms, with a focus on PS3 and Mac ports in particular.

The Big Blue
Developer:  Ed Annunziata
Fundraising Goal: $665,000
Funds Due By: N/A

By the creators of the classic undersea adventure Ecco the Dolphin, The Big Blue is an aquatic adventure game set a million years in the future deep in the ocean. Explore the ocean and interact with everything. It also has you pursuing quests and spawning new life forms. All creatures in the ocean are controllable, allowing you to control multiple creatures at once.

Developer:  Tenwall Creatives
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Bleak is a massive fantasy platformer set in a dark, perilous new world. In this place, your dominant arm is amputated upon birth and in its place is a pickax. From then you are sent to the mines to extract the precious metal, Core. The “Cultivators of the Good” can punish you for refusing to work by denying food. Other workers have different tools for arms, like wrenches, depending on their job. Brave the dark, callous world and explore, if you dare, for around every corner is distress and disappointment, and perhaps even death.

Boogerman 20th Anniversary: The Video Game
Developer: Toy Ghost LLC
Fundraising Goal: $375,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Boogerman: A Pick And Flick Adventure is a platformer that first released for the Sega Genesis in 1994, delighting children with its potty-humor. Nearly twenty years after the release of the original game, Boogerman co-creators Chris Tremmel and Mike Stragey have taken to Kickstarter in hopes of reviving the franchise. The new game introduces new collectibles, mechanics, and gadgets such as the fart-copter. Boogerman 20th Anniversary is planned for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U. Check out our interview with Chris Tremmel for more information about the game.

The Breakout
Developer: Pixel Trip Studios
Fundraising Goal: £49,500
Funds Due By: N/A

Inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games, as well as the fondly remembered The Great Escape (1963), The Breakout casts players as a WWII prisoner of war who must try and escape the dreaded Verdammen Hof prison camp. Players move through the camp, sneaking, stealing, and hiding their to find a way out. Unlike many adventure games, if you don’t prepare well for your escape attempt, you can die in the process of trying to complete the story. The Breakout hopes to release on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Developer: Wave Interactive Games
Fundraising Goal: $75,000 (Australian)
Funds Due By: N/A

Game designer Gal Kfir always promised himself he’d make a game about his childhood dog, Buck, and now he is making good on that promise. Buck is an action/adventure about the titular dog, who is exploring a massive desert while investigating the loss of his beloved. The game draws on the existing tradition of modern 2D action games, and adds in weapon customization and non-linear storytelling. Initial release is headed towards PC, Max, and Linux platforms.

Developer: Hg Template Studios
Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Chroma is an Android game where players control Huey and his paintbrush Tint, who must bring color and life back into a world deadened by the evil shades. The development team is made up primarily of NYU students studying games and media.

Developer: N/A
Fundraising Goal: $300,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Combiform is a new console/controller (with magnets!) that focuses on social games, and especially, games played without a screen. The system will be entirely open-source. The console/controller focuses on getting people to physically work together to solve puzzles and play games.

Developer: Mojo Game Studios
Fundraising Goal: $350,000
Funds Due By: N/A

If you’re into games that have a strong mythology build around then, then Cradle is a Kickstarter worth your consideration. Cradle is an open-world action-RPG that puts you in the shoes of an exiled traveler that gets caught in the middle of a conflict between humans, nature, and the gods of the world. You can choose between five character classes: arcanist, druid, ranger, paladin, and swordsman. Cradle has an interesting art style that is brought to life by the CryEngine, which is good for gamers who enjoy exploring vast, open-world games.

Cthulu World Combat
Developer: N/A
Fundraising Goal: $300,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Aiming for iOS systems, this strategy/turn-based game lets you compete with your friends over control of Earth after the Old Ones (from H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos) have returned. Much like other turn-based strategy games, you’ll be producing units to aid you in world domination. Except this time, it won’t be airplanes and tanks; you’ll be creating monsters and cultists.

Dead Century: Mosaic
Developer: Dead Century
Fundraising Goal: $95,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Dead Century: Mosaic is the second entry in a series of puzzle RPGs from developer Dead Century. Its gameplay is similar to that of other puzzle RPGs, such as Dungeon Hearts. Tiles and an action-queue system displayed on the lower part of the screen are used to command characters in the action unfolding above. There are three playable characters: the Engineer, the Fusilier, and the Scholar. Players select two characters for each mission, and can choose between three possible appearances for each. On its Kickstarter page, Mosaic’s developer notes the shortage of women, minorities, and non-heterosexuals in many modern games. Dead Century’s desire to change this is evident in its diverse cast and character-appearance options. The first game in the series, Dead Century: Silhouette, is available on the iTunes store for $0.99. Dead Century: Mosaic is being developed on Unity 3D, and is planned for iOS and Android devices. The developer has not ruled out the possibility of extending support to more platforms.

Draw a Stickman Epic
Developer: Hitcents
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Draw a Stickman will be a Scribblenauts-style iOS and Android game which allows you to draw your own hero and tools, etc. to overcome obstacles.

Developer: HyperSloth
Fundraising Goal: £20,000
Funds Due By: N/A

In this first-person puzzle/adventure game, you’ll take control of a college graduate searching for meaning in his life. Finding solace in studying his dreams, Howard will encounter nightmares as well. Narrative elements from Dear Esther and non-linear gameplay mechanics of Deus Ex both inspired the formula Dream is presenting, putting exploration on a pedestal. Collectibles and multiple game endings promise to extend the longevity of the game.

Echoes of Aeons
Developer: Alchimia Studios
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Alchimia Studios wants to make a digital cutout and frame-by-frame, hand-painted action RPG for iOS, Android, and PC. The game will feature more than 20 hours of gameplay, a crafting system, and skill trees.

Eden Star
Developer: Flix Interactive
Fundraising Goal: £620,000
Funds Due By: N/A

[This campaign was cancelled before it reached its fund-by date]

Eden Star is a first-person, sandbox survival-creation game with physics-based combat. In the Eden Star Universe, Earth is a dying world, and humanity’s survival depends on the success of the Pioneers in the first migration fleet. Players control a Pioneer of the migration vessel Eden Star, and are responsible for investigating and reclaiming the lost colony of Pharus 7. Currently, Eden Star is planned exclusively for the PC. Support for additional operating systems depends on demand and funding. All backers receive a prototype combat tech demo upon successful funding of the campaign.

Epic Skater
Developer: UpUpStart
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Epic Skater is an iOS and Android game being developed by former Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero title developers. It is a side-scrolling skateboarding game that utilizes touch screen mechanics. The team is intending to make the game available for the Ouya as well.

Eyes Open
Developer: LatinForImagination
Fundraising Goal: $8,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Eyes Open doesn’t have quite the flash of some of the other titles on Kickstarter. The creators chose to focus more on gameplay than animation. The premise is that keeping your eyes open at all times is not an option, as it will cause your character to go insane. The player must navigate through portions the game without sight, adding to the suspense of gameplay. The environments are randomly generated, adding replay value to the PC title.

Fight The Dragon
Developer: 3 Sprockets
Fundraising Goal: $50,000 AUD
Funds Due By: N/A

Developer 3 Sprockets has described its new venture, Fight the Dragon, as a 3D Mini Action-RPG, or MARPG. A hack-and-slash game at heart, Fight The Dragon’s gameplay revolves around short adventures approximately 15-minutes. This gives players the flexibility for both short and long gameplay sessions. The game supports local split-screen co-op and up to four player online co-op, both of which allow friends to join at any time. It also features a loot system and character customization. As players progress through the game, they’ll receive tickets to fight a dragon in a special arena. Fight the Dragon also comes with the in-game Adventure Construction Kit, which players can use to design levels of their own, with enemies, NPCs, puzzles, and more. Fight the Dragon is planned for Steam release on PC, Mac OSX, and Linux. 3 Sprockets also intends to release on Steam Machines, the Mac App Store, and on all platforms via the Humble Store – where it will be DRM free.

Developer: Dark Vale Games
Fundraising Goal: $300,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Forge is a PvP MMO third-person shooter that rewards “skill” rather than traditional MMO grinding. Classes currently in development include assassin, pathfinder, pyromancer, shaman, and warden. The development team is comprised of former Bungie, Epic, and THQ employees.

Developer: VIE Games
Fundraising Goal: $300,000 CAD
Funds Due By: N/A

Framed is a story-driven, episodic action-shooter (seven total episodes) that aims to put players in the shoes of someone framed for a crime. To bring the game to life, VIE Games is using the largest motion capture studio in Canada. Additionally, VIE Games will have the player take the roles of other characters to facilitate a further understanding of the greater plot. Framed will take place five years into the future, and issues of privacy and terrorism will play central rolls in the world and story. VIE’s aim is to have actions influence later episodes, much like Telltale’s The Walking Dead. There will even be a multiplayer mode where you attempt to frame other players. Framed is in development for PC.

Frozen State
Developer: Snow Arc
Fundraising Goal: £60,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Frozen State combines elements of survival horror and RPG titles. Rather than have a traditional leveling system, Frozen State will have players focus on surviving through keeping the playable character in good health by avoiding frostbite and remaining well-equipped with armor and weapons. Three playable characters are available, and each provides different challenges. For example, Ingvar the soldier is more skilled in combat but requires more food to survive and is less adept at hiding. Several different endings are planned based on whether the player makes choices in the game that benefit the greater good or just the character. Frozen State is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.

Galaxy For Hire
Developer: Trench Games
Fundraising Goal: $300,000
Funds Due By: N/A

A hero-based tower defense game, Galaxy For Hire also allows 4-player cooperative play. It’s your job to utilize your mercenaries to stop waves of enemies with strategy and unique abilities. There are 6-8 playable characters, all with persistent leveling, increasing the replay value of the game. Furthermore, the heroes have complete keyboard control, instead of mere mouse-clicking to move them around. The fast-paced action of this sci-fi universe will require players to work together if they want to progress.

GoD Factory: Wingmen
Developer: Nine Dots Studio
Fundraising Goal: $70,000
Funds Due By: N/A

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own ship, you’re in luck, space cowboy. GoD Factory allows you to do just that, plus lets you make alliances with three friends to take on opposing teams in four-on-four battles. This space combat simulator will be available only for PC.

Developer:  Drago Entertainment
Fundraising Goal: $650,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Grimlands is an MMO-shooter set in an open, post-apocalyptic world. Craft items out of scavenged raw materials and complete quests and battle for territories. Grimlands has undergone a little over five years of development, with the remaining work being polishing.

Ground Branch
Developer: BlackFoot Studios
Fundraising Goal: $425,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Ground Branch is a shooter that sits somewhere between run-and-gun games like Call of Duty and war simulations like Operation Flashpoint. BlackFoot Studios was founded by a former employee of Red Storm Entertainment.

Developer: Studio Grow
Fundraising Goal: $33,000 AUD
Funds Due By: N/A

Grow is the colorful brainchild of fledgling indie developer Studio Grow. Inspired by Pokémon and, to a greater extent, Team Fortress 2, Grow is an online brawler that can host up to 32 players. Different game modes have players fight in a free-for-all match or divide into teams. At the moment, Grow is solely a multiplayer game. However, according to the campaign’s promotional video, single-player and co-op modes could be added if enough money is raised. Check out the Kickstarter page or Studio Grow’s website to see their PAX Build footage and other media. Grow isn’t currently planned for a specific platform, and will release on Steam, Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 depending on the campaign’s success.

The Hostage Trials
Developer: Gnarly Tooth
Fundraising Goal: $90,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Gnarly Tooth is creating what they call the first “real-time mobile adventure,” which forces you to complete tasks assigned to you by the game’s villain (voiced by Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter) in real-time.  Tasks will include traveling a certain distance, changing your elevation, and answering questions about your hostage, a friend you choose through either Facebook or email.

JetGetters (funded, but cancelled)
Developer: TinyBuild
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

If you’ve watched countless videos of jet antics in Battlefield 3 or Just Cause 2, then this is the Kickstarter for you. It’s official description is “a game about jumping out of jets and landing on other jets.” Players take to the skies in aerial dogfights, but can jump out of their plane at any time to continue shooting or even hijack enemy fighters. The developers plan on releasing the game on Steam if their fundraising campaign is successful.

Jungle Adventure
Developer: Jungle Venture
Fundraising Goal: $900,000
Funds Due By: N/A

David Crane, the creator of Pitfall! and co-founder of Activision, wants to make a side-scrolling platformer set in a lush jungle environment. GameTrailers will be documenting the entire game development process. “Jungle Adventure” is the working title for the game.

Kick, Punch…Fireball
Developer: Lambda Bound Games
Fundraising Goal: $25,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Kick, Punch…Fireball is a deathmatch style arena game set in a fantasy universe. Players can choose from several different classes to fight it out with other players online, with a progression system allowing for customization like tweaking your character’s attributes and upgrading your various skills. The developers are participating in the Ouya Free The Games Fund, which means if funded Ouya will match Kick, Punch…Fireball’s fundraising goal in return for the game being a timed Ouya exclusive.

Laika Believes
Developer: John Warren
Fundraising Goal: $20,000
Funds Due By: N/A

For anyone who didn’t pay attention in history class, Laika was the dog that Russia sent into space. Laika was the first dog in space, and she met a sad end as it was discovered later that she likely died from heat exhaustion after launch. Unsatisfied with this chain of events, the developers of Laika Believes are creating an alternate version of history with their game. In it, Laika survives and comes back to earth, only to find that everything has changed. Laika, now equipped with space armor and the ability to talk, must find out what has happened in her absence. This 2D platformer is planned for PC, Mac, Linux, and possibly a console release at a later date.

Developer: Cryogenic Studios
Fundraising Goal: $10,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Lennie is a 2D platformer about a robot. The art is in children’s-book style and the narrative is influenced by the Japanese storytelling tradition.

Leroy Johnson in the Greatest Game Ever Made
Developer: SpriteSoHard Studios
Fundraising Goal: $8,500
Funds Due By: N/A

SpriteSoHard Studios brings science and platforming together with Leroy Johnson in the Greatest Game Ever Made. Players control the titular character, an astrophysicist whose theories about entities from other dimensions were rejected at NASA. When these beings invade Washington, D.C., Leroy is the only one prepared to deal with them. Mechanics in the game are inspired by Mega Man’s run-and-shoot gameplay, and the variety of items and puzzles in The Legend of Zelda. It also features skill trees and various classes, or professions. Leroy can graduate to various classes to specialize his skills. The game doesn’t use typical weapons. Rather, Leroy uses a device of his own invention, the Red Ruby, and other creations to combat the inter-dimensional menace. SpriteSoHard has also emphasized the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts in the gameplay. Leroy Johnson in the Greatest Game Ever Made is planned for PC, Mac, and Linux, and is estimated to release in late fall or 2014.

Looking for Group: The Fork of Truth
Developer: Paladin Studios
Fundraising Goal: $600,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Based on the webcomic Looking for Group, this project aims to bring the characters of the comic to life in a classic RPG. While the game can be played solo, it is intended as a four player co-op. Four friends play as Cale, Richard, Benny, and Krunch as they adventure through the fantasy world of Legarion. Each of the 12 levels explores a new part of the world and offers quest missions for the players to complete. Considering the parody nature of the webcomic, fans of RPG’s are likely to get a laugh out of plenty of genre tropes. Planned for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Developer: Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries Inc.
Fundraising Goal: $3,500 CAD
Funds Due By: N/A

Skunkwerks has launched this campaign to support the creation of a large challenge-zone map for its online RTS multiplayer game MEG: RVO, which puts players in control of the MEG, a robotic support unit that looks like a futuristic tank. The MEG can set up turrets, barriers, mines, and more. In addition to the MEG, players also have access to Rigs, which can be customized with various weapons and defensive systems. The game itself is already available for the iPad 4 and up, and can be downloaded for free in the iTunes app store.

Developer: Products for Robots
Fundraising Goal: $35,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Metacell is a 2D twitch puzzle shooter. Set in an alternate universe, Metacell is the first of a five game saga where new gameplay mechanics will alter the genre with every installment. The sci-fi plot opens on the year 2272. There are two dimensions: the primeverse, where things are structured and logical, or the metaverse, where things don’t make sense whatsoever.In order to stop a lurking danger from seeping into the primeverse, you’ll need to guide your crew through the dangers of the metaverse.

Developer: Blake Whitworth & Stephan Messier
Fundraising Goal: $30,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Mongrel takes place in a world taken over by a new race. Animals have grown into humanoid hybrids and are running the world on a strict caste system. Mongrels are slaves and the only way they can be freed is through battle in the arena. Fight for your freedom.

Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen
Developer: Her Interactive
Fundraising Goal: $250,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Her Interactive wants to bring one of their popular Nancy Drew games (Tomb of the Lost Queen) to iOS and Android. The development company, located in Washington, has been making games based on the long-running series of stories about a girl detective since the late 1990s.

New Orbit
Developer: Blackish
Fundraising Goal: $40,000
Funds Due By: N/A

New Orbit is the latest project from Blackish, an indie studio founded by game developer Markus Hofer, who is also its CEO. The game’s story takes place over two episodes, the first of which is already complete. The first episode follows the story of Jonah Braun, and includes 10 missions as well as a bonus playground. Episode 2 promises to be a more extensive experience, with a longer story, challenges, and an open playground. The game’s story is fully voiced, with two of the campaign’s reward tiers offering backers a chance to add their own voice to the game. New Orbit players can build and customize their own ship, and several reward tiers include exclusive ship components as a prize. Space travel in New Orbit features realistic gravitation, which you can see in the Episode 1 trailer. New Orbit is planned for PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as Android devices. An iOS version is in the works.

Developer: Erin Reynolds
Fundraising Goal: $250,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Nevermind is the combination of a horror game and self-help tool for anxiety – and it looks awesome at both. Basically, you hook a biofeedback device up, and the game becomes more difficult when you’re scared. Controlling your fear and anxiety will bring Nevermind back down in difficulty. The creator, Erin Reynolds, created Nevermind to work well as both a game and self-help tool. Check out our coverage of Nevermind to learn more info.

The Old City
Developer: PostMod Softworks
Fundraising Goal: $40,000
Funds Due By: N/A

[This campaign was canceled before it reached its fund-by date]

The Old City offers an ambitious premise – a first-person game built entirely to communicate story rather than action, with themes that explore epistemology (the study of the scope and nature of knowledge) and other philosophical concepts. If you’ve ever found yourself in an argument about video games and their willingness to tackle challenging topics, The Old City seems to be aiming high. The player controls an isolated individual who lives in the sewers as he or she travels to the surface and the old city that waits there.  If PostMod gets the funding it needs, The Old City will arrive on PC.

The Orion Project
Developer: Spiral
Fundraising Goal: $200,000
Funds Due By: N/A

From the makers of Orion: Dinosaur Horde comes another dinosaur-based Kickstarter, this time promising an expansive dinosaur-filled open universe and proudly boasting “No game will ever have more Dinosaurs than The Orion Project.”  A first-person shooter, developer Spiral is looking to create a persistent online universe that can be explored at the player’s whim, with deep customization options, companion characters, loot, and both cooperative and competitive gameplay. There will also be spaceships, because spaceships and dinosaurs were meant to be together.

The Other Brothers
Developer: 3D Attack
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

The Other Brothers is a pixel-art game based very loosely on the Mario Bros. The main characters are Jim and Joe, who run a mechanic shop. Joe’s had his eye on Tavy, who is suddenly, unfortunately, and predictably “stolen” by mafia thugs. It’s up to Jim and Joe to save Tavy in this familiar damsel-in-distress story.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
Developer: Visionary Realms
Fundraising Goal: $800,000
Funds Due By: N/A

There are tons of MMOs that come and go without much notice, but Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s impressive team demands a bit of attention. The founders of Visionary Realms all have extensive experience developing MMOs, such as EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Star Wars: Galaxies, Myst 3, and a few others. It all takes place in the fantasy world of Terminus, where gods are prevalent. You take the role of a hero stripped of their powers on a quest to regain them. Pantheon puts a lot of emphasis on grouping with other players, so if you’re more of a lone wolf when it comes to MMOs, you might want to look elsewhere.

Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres
Developer: Nami Tentou Mushi, LLC
Fundraising Goal: $20,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres is a sequel to the recently released Ping, an Android game that continues to be popular on Google Play. As with its redecessor, gameplay in Ping 2 involves bouncing a ball off of or past obstacles to progress through a stage and solve puzzles. Besides enemies and bombs, obstacles consist mostly of a variety of blocks. The game also introduces a new FPS mode to the Ping series. Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres is planned for PC, Mac, the Wii U, and the PS3.

Pray For Dark
Developer: Vaylr Studios
Fundraising Goal: $400,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Pray for Dark is a first-person action horror game set in the underground of a city. Players are tasked with traveling deeper underground in order to kill the enigmatic Queen Mother. The game will be published on Steam.

Developer: Lunar Enigma
Fundraising Goal: $49,500
Funds Due By: N/A

[This campaign was canceled before it reached its fund-by date]

With only a few days left, and more than half of its funding goal still ahead, it’s going to need a big push to find success this time around, but Prisonscape is certainly a project that stands apart from the crowd. Lunar Enigma’s game looks like an old-school JRPG on the surface. But the story itself is all about surviving in the harsh and unforgiving world of prison. Players build makeshift weapons, form alliances, and develop their prisoner’s skills, all with an eventual eye towards escape.  Whether it manages its Kickstarter goal or not, I hope Prisonscape sees the light of day at some point for its targeted release on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Project Bliss
Developer: Enlightened Games
Fundraising Goal: $150,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Project Bliss was created to mirror the developer’s struggle with anxiety. As such, the game involves finding hope within a land in need of healing. The style of Project Bliss is described as “fantasy puzzle adventure.” It is likely to appeal to fans of games that strive to create an emotional connection.

The creators have helpfully included an early prototype build of Project Bliss for PCMac, and Linux for people to check out before backing.

Proven Lands
Developer: thesetales
Fundraising Goal: £299,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Proven Lands is a classic science-fiction inspired sandbox survival game where players must survive and explore strange alien worlds. Drawing upon rogue-like games similar to Don’t Starve, the environments of Proven Lands are procedurally generated and filled with alien life forms both friendly and hostile. A story told across five episodes in addition to events constructed by the game’s AI director, such as attacks by alien raiders or hostile wildlife, will also be included. The developers are looking to launch first on PC before then bringing the game to Mac and mobile devices.

Developer: QONQR, LLC
Fundraising Goal: $25,000
Funds Due By: N/A

QONQR is a location-based MMO game for iOS and Windows Phone in need of a map-driven interface so that players have the ability to “capture” buildings and other landmarks in their actual area (such as the airport across the highway from their house).

Rack n Ruin
Developer: N/A
Fundraising Goal: $30,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Rack n Ruin is being developed in-part by a former Blizzard employee who worked on StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, and WoW. It is a 2D, top-down, action adventure game that lets players turn areas of the world dark and nightmarish by corrupting each area’s local shrine. Rack n Ruin’s visuals are hand-drawn.

Developer: Raindrop Studios
Fundraising Goal: $144,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Raindrop is a survival game, with a twist. As a survival game, Raindrop is very environment-driven. However, players must contend not only with their surroundings, but with their character’s damaged sanity as well. Environments are fully-explorable, and sometimes have a surreal feel to them, bolstered by the player-character’s questionable hold on reality. These environments host complex puzzles, a dynamic weather system, and enemies with advanced AI. Collectibles include tools and weapons. Raindrop is planned for PC and Mac.

The Realm of Thyïlia
Developer: Flying Llama
Fundraising Goal: $20,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Flying Llama, a team based in Finland, is attempting to make a free online RPG that does not include grinding mechanics. The game will be in top-down, pseudo-3D style, and will include three playable character races.

Shades of Sanity
Developer: Sword and Spirit
Fundraising Goal: $200,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Designed as a spiritual successor to Sanitarium, Shades of Sanity is a survival horror story that follows a schizophrenic patient who awakens in a strange environment. With no recollection of how he got there, the player must find his way through the eerie setting using a combination of point-and-click gameplay and puzzle-solving techniques.  Difficulty settings accommodate novice and advanced players alike.

Shadow of the Eternals
Developer: Precursor Games
Fundraising Goal: $750,000
Funds Due By:  N/A

After a cancelled campaign, Shadow of the Eternals is back with a slightly more reasonable fundraising goal. You can read more about the history of this project here.

From the creators of Eternal Darkness comes Shadow of the Eternals. Spanning over 2,500 years of history, you must navigate through a variety of scenarios in this action adventure title. Playing as Detective Paul Becker, the first episode has you question two survivors of a gang massacre. One is a toughened biker, the other a clean-cut businessman. To uncover the truth, interrogation leads the player to see through the eyes of a handmaiden in Hungary, 1610 AD. The broad scope of Shadow of the Eternals is aided by gorgeous character design and an expansive world.

Shadow Remnants
Developer: Shorebound Studios
Fundraising Goal: $75,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Shadow Remnants is a tactical RPG with thirteen playable classes and two skill trees per playable class. The game also includes a crafting system, online multiplayer, and a custom map creator.

Shaman: Shadows of the Last Immortal
Developer: High Iron Studios
Fundraising Goal: $27,000
Funds Due By: N/A

[This campaign was cancelled before it reached its fund-by date]

Shaman: Shadows of the Last Immortal is a strategic spell-casting game set in a reimagined version of ancient China. In the game, players control a young shaman named Pipa, who travels to Wudang Mountain in order to defeat an ancient evil armed only with her knowledge of magic. The spell system is based around traditional Chinese medicine and the concepts of Wu Xing, or the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each spell is created by scavenging and fusing together specific components into seals, which are deliberately broken in combat to release the spell. Combat takes the form of real-time, arena-style spell duels. Shaman: Shadows of the Last Immortal is planned for PC, Mac/OS, and Linux in May 2014.

Skara: The Blade Remains
Developer: 8 Bit Studios
Fundraising Goal: £150,000
Funds Due By:  N/A

Players can battle it out online in Skara using hand-to-hand combat in a fantasy world. Skara is planned for PC, next-gen devices and mobile platforms and draws influences from several different gaming genres. One of the innovative features of Skara is that it will not have a leveling system. This means that new players have a shot at competing against long-time players as the highest skill wins over the best grinder.

SkyWar Dragon
Developer: Matt “Tieg” Tieger
Fundraising Goal: $41,000
Funds Due By: N/A

It’s rare that we have the space and time to highlight one of the many exciting tabletop Kickstarter games, but we wanted to alert readers to SkyWar Dragon because of the background of its creator. Matt “Tieg” Tieger served as game director over at High Moon Studios on Transformers: War for Cybertron and its sequel, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. His new tabletop venture tackles a theme that’s close to the heart of many gamers — the excitement of midair dragon dogfights, complete with breath weapons, dragon riders, and desperate clawing melees, as the combatants tumble earthward. If that’s a board game you’d like to see come to life, hop over, and offer your support.

SOS: Ship of Sacrifice
Developer: Water Bottle
Fundraising Goal: $40,000
Funds Due By: N/A

[This campaign was cancelled before it reached its fund-by date.]

A sickness breaks out on a ship – and at the same time, the vessel has sustained serious structural damage. Made for co-op play, you and a friend must escape the ship before it sinks. With a classic art style and puzzle game mechanics, SOS is likely to appeal to fans of old-school adventure titles. SOS will be available on PC and Mac.

Developer: Fenix Fire
Fundraising Goal:$50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

A husband-and-wife development team is behind this visually arresting project, which presents a strange alien world to discover and explore that is inspired by the experience of the couple’s first child and his experience of understanding the world. You control a strange firefly creature navigating a vast 3D environment, battling creatures, solving puzzles, and upgrading over time. The visual presentation of Source in early screens and videos is stunning, but Fenix Fire still needs a big push if they’re going to hit the game’s Kickstarter goal. Source is hoping to come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with a stretch goal for a Wii U edition.

Spell Saga
Developer: French Toast Gaming Co.
Fundraising Goal: $35,000
Funds Due By: N/A

While it’s not a video game, Spell Saga is sure to pique the interest of many gamers, particularly fans of tabletop RPGs. The creator cites inspiration from series like Final Fantasy and Zelda for Spell Saga, which is a single-player, story-driven card game that casts players in the role of The Last Minstrel, who searches for answers following the downfall of his world. Backers may donate however much they like, and there are many possible rewards for reaching different pledge tiers. A copy of the game’s standard edition is available for a pledge of $30. A ninety-nine card demo deck and rulebook can be downloaded from the game’s Kickstarter page or the Spell Saga website.

Stunt Runner
Developer: Kermdinger Studios, Inc.
Fundraising Goal: $55,000
Funds Due By: N/A

The mechanics of Stunt Runner are similar in play style to Lemmings. In that classic game, the player had to assign skills to certain lemmings in order to get as many of the little guys through the level as possible. In the same fashion, players must lead down-on-his-luck stuntman Smash Johnson through film acts by controlling the environment rather than the character. The objective is to set up props along the level for Smash to interact with such as trampolines, umbrellas, jetpacks, rakes, etc. If all goes as planned, Smash will make it through the scene in one piece. If not, you can share the disastrous results on YouTube.

Stunt Runner is planned for PC, Mac, and Linux. Try out a demo here.

Super Motherload
Developer: XGen Studios
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Super Motherload is the followup to the 2004 free-to-play mining game, Motherload. The development team is partially comprised of people who previously worked at Bioware.

Super Techno Kitten Adventure
Developer: 21st Street Games
Fundraising Goal: $100,000
Funds Due By: N/A

21st Street Games is the developer behind the popular XBLA/iOS game, Techno Kitten Adventure. In the sequel, as in the first game, players maneuver a kitten wearing a jet-pack, flying through colorful techno worlds. Kittens are now customizable, and the game will feature multiplayer and co-op.

Super World Karts GP
Developer: Paul Hamilton/One Legged Sea Gull Games
Fundraising Goal: $16,000 AUD
Funds Due By: N/A

Paul Hamilton, also known by his trading name, One Legged Sea Gull, is the creator of Super World Karts GP. SWK is a 16-bit kart racing game inspired by classics like Super Mario Kart and similar titles. As with other kart racers, there are multiple characters and tracks to choose from, as well as power-ups, items, and other helpful things to find. SWK also features achievements, rankings for every race, and analogue steering. Fans of kart racers and racing games know the importance of a solid control scheme. As a fan himself, Hamilton has put a great deal of effort into SWK’s controls, noting that it already plays well despite being early in development. A recently added $50 reward tier gives backers a chance to own a physical copy of the game and soundtrack. Super World Karts GP is planned for PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya, as well as iOS and Android devices. If the campaign reaches its first stretch goal, which requires $25,000 AUD, a Wii U port will also be available for backers of the $16 tier and above.

Tridek: Creatures of Galena
Developer: Team Tridek
Fundraising Goal: $55,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Tridek is a fantasy-based digital trading card game that aims to eliminate the common complaints of similar games. For example, many card games require the player to build up resources before they can complete actions, such as land cards in Magic: The Gathering. Tridek also avoids the element of luck playing a larger role than skill by balancing the abilities of cards— one all-powerful card winning a match by itself is not a problem in this game, as players will need to use strategy to get ahead. Stronger cards do not always have the most victory points. Players will instead need to use a mix of larger and smaller cards to win. Tridek will be available on both PC and mobile platforms.

A Vampyre Story: Year One
Developer: Autumn Moon Entertainment
Fundraising Goal:$200,000
Funds Due By: N/A

A prequel to the PC game A Vampyre Story, Year One is being developed by a former Lucas Arts employee and looks especially promising in the animated previews. Using full 3D character models and animations, A Vampyre Story: Year One is easy on the eyes. In addition, a mobile game is also a possibility. In this graphic adventure game, you must help Mona find a way out of trouble for Froderick the bat.

Waking Amy
Developer: Martian Media Inc.
Fundraising Goal: $10,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Waking Amy has the titular character’s body stuck in a coma, as her mind is trapped in a dream world. With combined combat and puzzle elements, Waking Amy is sure to appeal to fans of sidescrollers and PSOne-era platformers. Rather than lock players down to a set of rules there will be multiple ways to get through levels and defeat enemies. PC, Mac, and Linux releases are planned, with possibilities for Ouya, Android, and Oculus Rift compatibility in the stretch goals.

Wars and Battles
Developer: Kermorio
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Wars and Battles is likely to appeal to both tabletop fans and history buffs. The initial release of the title plans to have the battles at Gettysburg and Normandy available for players to strategize through. The aim of the title is to combine the strategic challenge of tabletop wargames without the overly complex control schemes that PC war simulator games have, making it easier for casual gamers to give it a try. Stretch goals include more historical battles to play through. Wars and Battles is coming to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Wicked Crush
Developer: N/A
Fundraising Goal: $15,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Wicked Crush is a 2D platformer. The final game will come with at least 100 floors. The game’s most standout feature, though, is one that allows people to create their own dungeons, which are then sent to other players online. If players die while traversing other player-created dungeons, the original creator will get a large amount of in-game gold, encouraging people to build punishingly hard levels.

Wings: Director’s Cut
Developer: Cinemaware
Fundraising Goal: $350,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Wings: Director’s Cut is an HD remake of the flight sim action game, Wings, produced for the Amiga in 1990. The Director’s Cut will also include content not found in the first release of the game. The title will be available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Developer: Overzealous Studios
Fundraising Goal: $4,000
Funds Due By: N/A

Players move a small ball of energy through a 2D world that looks a little bit like space/microbiology. The development team promises that the platformer’s puzzles will be challenging to modern gamers.

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