Google Cloud lures Spotify away from Amazon


For much of its 10-year life, Inc.’s  Web-based, on-demand computing business had little competition. Now, rivals are poaching its customers.

Spotify AB, a marquee Amazon Web Services customer, on Tuesday said it plans to move much of the technology behind its music-streaming service to Google Cloud Platform. It is a significant win for Alphabet Inc.’s   Google, seen by most analysts as the No. 3 player in cloud computing infrastructure behind Amazon and Microsoft Corp.’s  Azure service.

Nicholas Harteau, Spotify’s vice president of engineering and infrastructure, said Google’s ability to analyze the massive amounts of data tipped the scales. For example, Google’s data-analytics offerings could help the music service fine-tune its listening recommendations.

Spotify is one of several well-known customers of Google’s cloud-based data-analytics services. Northrop Grumman Corp. , for example, used Google to prototype software designed to analyze genomics information for medical research. Google also counts Sony Corp. , Coca-Cola Co.  and Snapchat Inc. among its customers.

By Jay Greene

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