If there’s one thing the last two months has taught, people love farming, tangling with townfolk, and fishing (ok maybe not so much that last part). A lot of them apparently since publisher Chucklefish Games just reportedly confirmed to Polygon in an email that Stardew Valley has sold over one million copies since its launch on February 26.

According to the email, the exact number is “1,007,000.” Though the game is PC exclusive right now, creator Eric Barone revealed to us a while back that he wanted Stardew Valley on console as soon as possible.

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[Source: Polygon]

Our Take
Stardew Valley is probably 2016’s most surprising success so far given the sheer amount of enthusiasm it’s been met with since release. It’s not exactly unwarranted either, given just how unique and fun the game is. Hopefully this will encourage developers to take risks with their projects.

the author Javy Gwaltney