Modder Team Dragonpunk has released a mod that lets you play tactical co-op with friends in XCOM 2. The mod is still in beta, meaning that it features some bugs. It won’t work with a turn timer, and is incompatible with Ironman mode. While it takes some patience to properly set-up, the concept is still pretty neat.

As of right now, the mod supports two player co-op, while Team Dragonpunk awaits approval from Firaxis to add 12 player co-op. Once you have the mod set up, you can add a friend to the game while you’re on the squad selection screen. An additional button, which you can click to invite friends, will appear under the “select soldier” option, allowing you to access your Steam friend’s list.

When the mission is finished, your friend will go back to their own game, with the amount of XP and loot they retrieved from the mission.

Click here to head to the Steam Workshop if you want to download the mod, or head here to read how to set up the mod. For more XCOM 2 mods, check out this mod that brings Fire Emblem-style relationship building to the game.

the author Elise Favis