The Monster-Nokia Purity Black HeadPhones

When I first received the Nokia-Monster  Purity headphones black, I was in the middle of mixing a new song for an up and coming hip hop artist. I put on the head phones and it was like magic in my ears. All outside noises were canceled out to a silence and the sounds of the music resonated through the head phones as clear as any headphones we have used before. After I finished the complete mix, I then began to work on other musical projects I had put off for a while. The difference in the clarity and sound-isolating tips gave me the purist sound that I could have imagined out of a pair of head phones. Needless to say all of our clients were beyond ecstatic to hear  their music blaring through the speakers as close to perfection as one could perceive. I have been engineering  5 plus years now and I must say, by far the Nokia-Monster headphones are one of the best creations for pure listening pleasure.

Thank You, to AT&T for providing the Nokia-Monster for Review

Krafworx Studios: The official studio of AcrossTheFader.Com

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