Last week, Bungie detailed how Destiny’s final update, Age of Triumph, will chronicle a lifetime of player activities in a new record book and re-level older raids to keep them current. Today, senior designers Tim Williams and Joe Sifferman joined community manager David “Deej” Dague to reveal new details about the update, which hits March 28, and how it reworks the game’s weekly activities.

The central addition in terms of drops is the new Treasure of Ages, which Tess Everis now offers at the Eververse Trading Company store. The treasure offers armor, weapons, and various other limited items from throughout Destiny’s life, including the Desolate Taken and Spektar armor sets, as well as seasonal items. If players want a specific item, they can break down items from this random chest and use the silver dust they collect in a greatly expanded silver dust store, which offers those same items.

Age of Triumph will also offer a new 12-step quest from The Speaker, which will take players through all the types of activities Destiny has to offer. The quest begins with the new weekly story playlist, which replaces the daily story quest. The new playlist will mix in story missions from every Destiny expansion into a collected groups, such as Mars and Venus or House of Wolves and The Dark Below. The new playlist will offer one Treasure of Ages per week and 20 legendary marks five times per week.

Age of Triumph also shakes up the activity bar in the bottom left-hand corner of The Director screen. The Challenge of Elders (not to be confused with the Prison of Elders) has been added to the bar at a new 390 difficulty and will offer 10 legendary marks for completion three times per week, as well a legendary engram once a week. The regular Siva Crisis Heroic playlist now offers a weekly Treasure of Ages in addition to its thrice-weekly allotment of 10 legendary marks. The new Crucible option (which condenses the two previous options) now has a weekly playlist, which offers one more Treasure of Ages per week and three servings of ten legendary marks. Additionally, Lord Shaxx now offers two weekly bounties for six-versus-six modes. Players can now also purchase arena items for silver dust as well.

The weekly Nightfall strike has not been updated in terms of light level requirements, but the new Daybreak modifier will increase the difficulty of enemies and the recharge rate of special abilities, similar the Mayhem Crucible mode. Bungie stressed the mode will still offer a difficulty level equal to the Nightfall strikes, even with all the reduced cooldowns. The Daybreak modifier will come around once a month, and rewards for the Nightfall will stay the same, offering a way for players to level to the 400 light cap. Additionally, there will be period of six straight weeks of Daybreak strikes from July 18 to August 22. Finally, Age of Triumph will mark the return of the iconic blue flames after completing the Nightfall Strike, as well as their experience buff.

Next week, the team will be cover the update’s new gear, ornaments, and weapons from the new modes, the updated raids, and how the team plans to re-introduce weapons from older raids.

Our Take
The Daybreak strikes sound great, and the Treasure of Ages is a great way for a lapsed player like me to get caught up on seasonal stuff. I’m a bit miffed about the reduced emphasis on Crucible for on the weekly activities bar, since I play most of Destiny alone with a few group outings per week, but I suppose The Challenge of Elders offers that pickup solo option. Hopefully, the Daybreak strikes and increased rewards for other weekly activities will make it easier to find people to play those activities with.

the author Suriel Vazquez