Ghost Recon Wildlands veterans who have already reached max level will be getting some post-game content in the form of the new Tier 1 mode.

After maxing out at level 30, players can choose to activate Tier 1. From there, characters start at Tier 50, with earned XP going towards unlocking the next lowest Tier, down to Tier 1. Higher Tiers yield new weapon upgrades to contend with the game’s more difficult targets. With each Tier enemies get smarter and tougher, although players can always opt to stick with a lower Tier they’re more comfortable playing at.

Among various bug fixes, the update also adds a UI notification when the player’s cover is blown telling them why they’ve been detected.

The update is live now on all platforms. Read our review of Ghost Recon Wildlands here.

[Source: Ubisoft]

Our Take
Giving dedicated players a reason to grind after maxing out multiple characters is critical to the lifespan of an RPG. While I don’t think Wildlands captured many people’s interests when it was released last spring, I’m sure it still has a devout following of players who are stoked by this update. So to those people, I say good luck reaching Tier 1.

the author Craig Taylor