Get ready for the Lich King, Northrend, and all new card types and mechanics! Hearthstone’s next expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, arrives in August with 135 new cards and free single-player campaign content, complete with legendary rewards.

The campaign spans a prologue, two wings, three bosses, and an epic showdown against the Lich King (Although I’m sure WoW players are wondering which Lich King we’ll be facing here!).

Each class can pick up a legendary Hero Card in this set (example below). Cards like this turn your hero into a Death Knight by “taking over” their portrait and giving them access to new abilities, much like Jaraxxus does in the current game.

That’s not all! Perfect for all the frosty fun, the new mechanic lifesteal allows you to leech back life from dishing out damage (and a really handy low cost priest spell fielding the ability has already been revealed, check it out below!)

Check out some new cards below and get ready to stay frosty!