Studio Behind Eve Valkyrie Abandons VR Development

Leading up to the release of the newest VR headsets, Eve Valkyrie made waves as one of the possible killer apps for VR. Unfortunately, the game didn’t live up to our hopes, and now this valkyrie is taking its own journey into the afterlife.

CCP Games, the Icelandic studio behind Eve Online and Eve Valkyrie, is closing its Atlanta office, which was working on virtual reality projects. The closure has resulted in 100 employees losing their jobs.

“It’s always hard to do such actions but they are important and if we want the company to reach 30 years, we sometimes need to make policy and organizational changes,” says CCP boss Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

[Source: Shack News]

Our Take
This is an unfortunate blow for CCP Games and all of the developers who lost their jobs. Its also a sad commentary about the state of the VR industry which has been slower to take off than many predicted.

the author Ben Reeves

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