AMD stock soars on news of flaw in Intel processors

Advanced Micro Devices surged in early trading after a report that Intel, its only remaining rival in the market for personal computer processors, has a flaw in its products that makes commonly used operating systems vulnerable to hackers.

According to technology website The Register, Intelhas a bug that lets some software gain access to parts of a computer’s memory that are set aside to protect things like passwords. Patches to Microsoft Corp.’s Windows and Apple Inc.’s OS X operating systems will be required and the security updates may slow down older machinery, according to the report.

AMD shares surged as much as 6.2 percent to $11.66 Wednesday. Intel fell 2 percent to $45.90.

Intel’s microprocessors are the fundamental building block of the internet, corporate networks and PCs. The company has added to its designs over the years trying to make computers less vulnerable to attack, arguing that hardware security is typically tougher to crack than software.

The Santa Clara, Calif., company’s chips have more than 80 percent market share overall and more than 90 percent in laptops and servers.

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