iFrogz Boost Plus Portable Speaker

The iFrogz  boost plus portable speaker is one of the best modern tech devices ever. The portable speaker allows you to inhance any audio device you are using to a better volume. The iFrogz portable speaker can connect with any device you use for audio sound and i do mean any device.

The crew at KrafWorx Studios put the iFrogz boost portable speaker to the test. We put a variety of cell phones on the iFrogz from all companies imagined and it performed beyond exception with every phone. We then placed the iFrogz boost portable speaker on a laptop and it even expanded and increased the volume from the laptop. Okay now were going to put it to the ultimate test…., we placed the iFrogz boost portable speaker on the dash board of the car, turned the radio on and YES it performed even in the car.

[vsw id=”tms74p6NKJU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Even during hurricanne sandy the iFrogz boost speaker never faultered, three double A batteries is all this device requires and it will never let you down. As a music lover I have to say the iFrogz boost portable speaker is a must have for all. We put this speaker to the test and it passed everyone with flying colors. No configuring anything, no wires just place whatever audio device on top of the portable speaker or place the boost portable speaker on larger devices, turn on the power and enjoy the sounds.

By The Staff @ Acrossthefader.com

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