Windows Phone On Course To Sell One Million Handsets Per Week

Microsoft Launches New Phone 8 in San Francisco

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

While we don’t have any solid numbers on Windows Phone sales during Q4, we do have two data points courtesy of Steve Ballmer and some enthusiastic speeches. And when you look over  those numbers, Windows Phone is approaching a rather nice milestone of selling one million handsets per week.

At the start of the month, Ballmer told us all that Windows Phone was selling four times better than the previous year, while his cameo appearance at Qualcomm’s CES keynote was accompanied by the latest Windows Phone multiplier of “five times more devices than the same period last year.” While we don’t have numbers from Microsoft, we do have numbers for Q4 2011 from Gartner (2,759,000 units) and Canalys (2,500,000 handsets).

Making a couple of assumptions, I make the range of Windows Phone handsets sold in Q4 2012 as being between 9,500,000 and 13,250,000 smartphones. My gut feeling is that the sales are at the lower end of this range, but I’d expect Q1 2013 to build on Q4 2012, mostly because the Windows Phone 8 devices were only available for half the quarter. So there’s lots of room to improve those numbers over the next three months.

There is also a notable number on the horizon. Now the Windows Phone app store has passed 150,000 apps, it makes sense to stop talking up that number and go for another one. 13 million sales in a quarter translates to the rather nice phrase of ‘one million handsets sold every week’.

It might not be the huge numbers of Android or iOS, but Windows Phone is steadily building up more sales, gathering more momentum, and capturing new fans every day.

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